Whether you are a small accounting firm or a global audit leader, Caseware Audit gives you a powerful tool for managing your audit engagements. When combined with Caseware Working Papers, Audit creates a streamlined, effective and efficient solution for conducting assurance, analysis and reporting engagements.

Caseware Audit provides significant flexibility; you can use built in content and templates or add and create your own in order to align with your firm standards. Our OneForm document is a single area for documenting all areas of your audit engagement – simplifying the audit process even for your most complex clients.

With Caseware Audit, you can conduct a more intelligent audit process – making sure every activity you undertake makes sense and fits within your engagement.

Key Benefits


Risk and Control Tracking

Leverage Caseware software’s library of risks, controls and management letters to better manage risks and ensure appropriate controls.


Constellation: Giving the Big Picture

Better manage engagement activities by using Constellation to take audit data points and graphically demonstrate linkages.


Data Consistency and Automatic Flow-through

Decrease the risk of errors significantly by automating flow through of numbers and adjustments made to the trial balance.


Flexible Trial Balance

Populate the trial balance to automatically generate financial statements, leadsheets, and ratios.


 Roll Forward Files

Increase efficiency leveraging our extensive logic process to roll-forward selected information related to your client;


 Real Time Collaboration

Make your team more efficient using real-time collaboration tools that reduce non-working time.


Audit International

Caseware licenses certain content for Audit International under agreement with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). The content provides non-authoritative guidance on applying International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB).

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