Analytics (Accounting Firms)

Analytics is the competitive advantage of the future when it comes to driving client value. With massive amounts of data being reviewed over the course of an audit process, accounting firms that can harness analytics can quickly turn information into real, data driven insights that can help their clients make better business decisions.

Caseware Analytics offers easy to use data analysis tools that simplify the audit and analysis process – giving you access to the information you need to help your clients make better decisions. From measuring compliance and the strength of internal controls to fraud detection, Caseware Analytics can help you drive more value out of your audit projects.

Key Benefits


Simplified Reporting

Make it easier to understand client data through the use of customizable and automated reporting tools and templates.


Tailored Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to quickly audit and test the areas required by your clients.


 Risk Management

Better manage risks using analytics tools that detect fraud, measure the strength of internal controls and evaluate compliance.


 Data Extraction from any Source

Effortlessly extract data from any application, including data from databases, accounting programs, ERP systems and T&E applications in formats such as PDFs, plain text (.txt), print-report (.prn), ODBC and SAP.


Manage Multiple Data Sources

Accounting firms are under pressure to provide more value from their audit work. Yet, it can be difficult to develop strong insights when data is spread across files, systems, and solutions.

IDEA Data Analysis makes it easy to integrate data from multiple sources so you can perform strong data analytics quickly and efficiently. This will let you provide higher quality insights and more value to your clients.

Identify Fraud and Inconsistencies

During an audit, the availability of a significant wealth of data can sometimes be a hindrance. Detecting fraud, for example, can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

With IDEA Data Analysis, accounting firms can quickly and easily analyze copious amounts of data. Automated tools and reporting can help audit teams identify potential fraud or other discrepancies more effectively and efficiently.


Conduct Deeper Analysis

When it comes to conducting client work, accounting firms typically have access to a significant amount of information. But conducting deeper analysis typically requires more time and a bigger budget than most clients are willing to pay.

With IDEA Data Analysis, accounting firms can leverage powerful and automated analytics tools to help dig deeper into data without requiring significantly more staff time. This will let you provide clients with more valuable operational insights than ever before.

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